How Freelender Works

Case Study 1: Beth Borrows a Ladder

Beth wanted to borrow a ladder for the following week to fix her guttering. She searched on for "ladder" and the results showed 5 people in her area offering ladders. She decided she wanted to borrow the one closest to her, which was being lent by freelender "lee". She clicked on "Request this item".

The next day Beth received an email from telling her that Lee had accepted her request. The email contained a message from Lee saying when he was free, and asking her to call him to arrange when to pick up the ladder. (Note: Lee gave his phone number in the message; does not hold phone numbers or addresses). Beth phoned him and arranged to pick up the ladder the same evening. After fixing the guttering she returned the ladder and gave feedback on Lee, saying she was "Very Satisfied".

Case Study 2: Lee Lends a Book

After joining, Lee added some of his books to the site, including "The Transition Handbook" by Rob Hopkins. He soon received an email from saying that member "busybee" had requested the book.

Using a link in the email, he looked at busybee's request and was able to see her trust stats. He saw that she had previously borrowed 5 items on Freelender, the lenders always being very satisfied. He accepted the request and chose to give his address, saying that the book could be collected any evening between 6 and 8.

Priya (busybee's real name) came and collected the book, and returned it 2 weeks later as agreed. Lee marked the book as returned on Freelender, and gave "busybee" an excellent trust rating.